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Eargo Hearing Aids


Eargo has been well respected in the hearing aid industry for many years, supplying a line of highly functional and comfortable hearing aids. With four completely-in-canal (CIC) models for mild to moderate hearing loss, Eargo earned high marks on our best invisible hearing aids list. CIC hearing aids offer high cosmetic appeal as they’re virtually invisible in size. All four of Eargo’s models are rechargeable, and the latest model, the Eargo 6, stands out. Packed with features like automatic sound adjustment, noise reduction, and voice and tone indicators, the Eargo 6 offers top-notch tech.


Eargo 6 Hero Hearing Aids

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Eargo Ease of Use Table
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Eargo Lifetime Support
Eargo App

Eargo Hearing Aids Pros & Cons

√  Small, discreet design
  Rechargeable devices
√  Lifetime support from team of licensed hearing professionals
  One- to two-year warranties
  Remote adjustments
  Easy, hassle-free returns
X  Must purchase in pairs
X  Cannot stream sound directly into hearing aids

Bottom Line

Hear better with Eargo’s discreet and comfortable CIC hearing aids. We’re impressed with Eargo’s best-in-class service. After purchasing your Eargo hearing aids over the phone or online, you’ll receive a personalized consultation from a licensed hearing professional via phone, text, email, or video chat. For a look at our experience with Eargo, check out our hands-on Eargo review.

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