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Free Hearing Test

The quality of your hearing is vital to enjoying quality of life: staying active, staying engaged and maintaining relationships with those close to you. 

Unfortunately, your hearing can be affected by a number of factors, from age-related causes to the side effects of illness.

It’s therefore very important to have regular checkups - and Hearing Paradise offers free hearing tests that are a quick, convenient and easy way to get clarity on the health of your ears

Can I get a free hearing test?

Yes, free hearing tests are available for anyone over the age of 5. No referrals needed - so you can get started today by booking your appointment. Hearing Paradise services are readily available to help you. Also, you may be eligible for a range of hearing services through your insurer.

Book a Comprehensive Hearing Test Now

When should you get a hearing test?

We strongly recommend getting your hearing checked every year. However, there are signs and symptoms of hearing loss that you should look out for so it becomes more of a priority. 

Hearing loss is a very common problem - it’s something that affects 30 million American adults 12 yrs of age or older. The good news is that there are many provisions and services in place for those people who experience it.

What Happens During Your Hearing Test?

After you have booked your free hearing test at Hearing Paradise and the Audiologist arrives at your home for your appointment:

  • A short question history will be performed.

  • A hearing screening or a full comprehensive hearing assessment will be performed , which could include Otoscopy, Audiometry, Speech Testing and/or Tympanometry.

  • This test will run for 20 minutes, and all you have to do is press a button each time you hear a sound.

  • After testing the Audiologist will go over your result, where you will be given options for treatment.

Auditory Training
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