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8 Steps to Help You Use Your Hearing Aids in 2023

Updated: Feb 28

Here are the steps for using hearing aids:

  1. Read the user manual . This will give you information on how to insert and remove the hearing aid, as well as any special functions you should be aware of.

  2. Insert and remove the hearing aids properly.

  3. Turn the hearing aids on and off.

  4. Some hearing aids come with a troubleshooting guide. If you encounter any issues, you can read this guide or call customer support.

  5. Some hearing aids have wireless connectivity to a cellphone and a cellphone application that allows for remote control.

  6. Some hearing aids also have a direct audio input feature that allows you to plug into audio from a television, computer, or music device.

  7. Make sure the hearing aids are working each morning. Some hearing aids play a melody when they start, while others simply turn on. To confirm that the hearing aid is working, you can rub your hands together .

  8. Some hearing aids can be programmed to slowly increase in volume over a period of several weeks.

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