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Mobile audiology services provide a safe and effective way for people with all types of Hearing Loss

Social distancing requirements and lockdown restrictions put in place to reduce the spread of infection and illness can make it difficult for many people to get access to the health services they need. This does not mean these growing health concerns are any less problematic, it just means alternative methods for assessment and treatment may need to be explored.

New Approach to Health Services Covid-19 has changed the face of health services and the way people access them. Most hospitals and healthcare clinics are overcrowded over-run with diagnosing and treating individuals exposed to the SARS-coV-2 virus. This not only presents the problem of limited time and space available in these facilities, but also increases the risk of exposure to the virus for the people visiting them. Hearing services are particularly complicated because the majority of the people that require audiology services are seniors, who are also more vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19. Hearing services are typically thought of as hands-on in-person appointments provided by a doctor or healthcare professional in a dedicated facility. Changing times spark the need for alternative solutions and changes in care delivery.

Remote and No-Touch Hearing Services The need for alternative audiology services has increased considerably and it is imperative for health and safety that they be provided with care and caution. A variety of hearing services can be offered remotely, from initial assessments and advice to remote hearing aid programming. This can be very helpful in determining the next required steps and providing regular support and maintenance. It is also great for reducing the risk of exposure for individuals more susceptible to severe effects caused by Covid-19. Who are remote and no-touch hearing services useful for? Depending on the nature of the hearing loss or hearing-related issue, no-touch hearing services can be completely sufficient for dealing with the condition. On the other hand, people with a possible ear disease or conductive hearing loss caused by fluid build-up may not fully benefit from remote hearing assessments. It is estimated that over 95% of people with hearing loss can benefit from remote or no-touch hearing services. More than 90% of hearing loss is sensorineural which can often be accurately assessed with online testing and remote support. This initial no-touch assistance is an effective way to determine who might need a more detailed in-person assessment. For individuals requiring a little more in-depth diagnosis and treatment services can benefit greatly from mobile hearing services.

Benefits of Mobile Hearing Services Mobile audiology services provide a safe and effective way for people with all types and levels of severity of hearing loss to get the assistance and support they need. Professional mobile hearing clinic services will offer enhanced Covid-19 safety protocols to ensure risk-free delivery for potentially vulnerable patients. This includes pre-screening assessments for SARS-coV-2 symptoms before a scheduled visit is arranged. The appropriate PPE gear will also be worn at all times during the visit. Mobile hearing services can be provided at home, in a care facility, or at any safe and convenient location of your choosing. Some of the advantages of mobile hearing services include:

  • Reduced exposure to the SARS-coV-2 virus

  • Risk-free hearing assessments and treatments in the comfort of home

  • Access to assisted living or care facilities

  • Convenience for individuals with impaired mobility

  • Save time and risk of traveling to a clinic

  • Personalized one-to-one care

  • Professional treatment to reduce the negative impact of hearing loss

  • Peace of mind for patients and their families

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