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About Us

We bring to you safe and convenient comprehensive hearing testing and hearing aid services directly to your home/office in Utah. Our Audiologist offers the latest state-of the art equipment and technology. When you are searching for hearing aids near me, Hearing Paradise is the choice for your hearing aid purchase.

What We Can Do

Hearing Paradise offers professional mobile audiology services provide a safe and effective way for people with all types and levels of severity of hearing loss to get the assistance and support they need. Hearing Paradise  provides audiology services that include comprehensive hearing testing and hearing aid fittings and adjustments.

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How It Works

We are committed in helping you hear the world again by taking you through  every step of your hearing journey

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Step 01

 Click Here to Book a Free 


Book a free phone consultation with our Audiologist. This will help us understand your needs, provide the best advice, and give you the best experience. You will receive a personalized recommendation based on your lifestyle, budget, and the nature of your hearing loss.

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Step 03

    Buy Your Hearing Aids 


After you have tried the hearing aids you will have the opportunity to purchase a new set of hearing aids. The cost depends on the model you choose.  You can also browse our shop to see a range of purchasing options, prices, and plans on offer.

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Step 02

   Try the Hearing Aids for 30 Days  


After the free Consultation our Audiologist will come to your home to test your hearing and fit you with the trial hearing aids based on your hearing loss.  We also provide follow up services while you try the hearing aids.

Step 04

   Hand Delivered to Your Home 


Your new hearing aids will be hand-delivered to you — where our Audiologist will program the new hearing aids and fit to your exact specifications. We’ll  provide instructions and follow-up visits to make necessary adjustments, so you can acclimate to the devices

Experience Excellence with Hearing Paradise

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Changing the Way You Hear Life

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